PHINZ Sponsorship

PHINZ Sponsorship is available building industry suppliers and organisations who want to support our purpose of:

  1. Educating the building industry about energy efficiency and the Passive House Standard.
  2. Promotion of energy efficiency in order to benefit the community by Improving public health and well-being and relieving fuel poverty.


  • Access to advertising opportunities on website and communications and at events.
  • Access to events with industry professionals providing networking opportunities
  • A public association with a charity whose work benefits all New Zealanders.
  • A public association with a rapidly growing international standard. By supporting PHINZ, you indicate that you are supporting international best practice in energy efficiency.
  • Enable PHINZ to encourage wider adoption of the Passive House standard. This in turn will grow the market in energy efficiency related products and services.

 Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship at the following levels can be purchased in our online shop .